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Urethane Casting

The fast and inexpensive method for small batches

What is Urethane Casting Service?
Urethane casting is a fast and cost-effective method of producing small batches from a silicone mold. A silicone mold is made with the help of a prototype which serves as the basis for the duplication process of the original piece. Thanks to the flexibility of the silicone, complex intermeshing geometries can be achieved without demoulding problems. The base material used for the reproductions is a liquid polyurethane resin which with the use of additives can mimic the properties of a wide variety of plastics. Between 15 and 30 parts can be produced depending on the requirements of the material and surface finish. This method is ideal for the production of small batches and prototypes in which the production of expensive injection molding tools is not feasible.
batch sizes

15 to 100
component sizes

2000 x 1000 x 1000

5 to 10

Why Urethane Casting Service?


Polyurethane cast materials are generally as tough or tougher than injection molded pieces, and are much stronger than 3D printed counterparts.

Low-volume production

It is perfect for low-volume production for quantities of one to hundreds. On average, a silicone mold can accurately cast about 20-25 parts. The maximum quantity varies based on part design and material cast.

Multiple Material

A wide range of rigid and flexible urethane cast materials are available from very soft and flexible to extremely rigid and impact resistant. Parts are cast in a color that is blended to your specifications.

Color Matching & Finishes

The urethane casting is capable of reproducing small details. Little to no finishing is required, because the desired textures and finish levels are applied to the master pattern.

Faster Lead time

The lead time of urethane cast parts is around 15 business days, depending on order specifications and volume. By contrast, it is much faster than injection molded parts, which can take months to build.

Good Economics

The price is lower than CNC but could machining more complex structures, the surface quality is superior to 3D printing.
Diese Methode eignet sich hervorragen für die Produktion von Kleinserien und Prototypen, bei welchen sich die Herstellung eines teuren Spritzgusswerkzeuges nicht lohnt.

Why Urethane Casting Service at RPWORLD?

  • 16+ Years Working Experience - Enter the field very early and have 16 years of experience.
  • Short Lead Time - Our lead time of urethane cast parts is about 5-10 business days, depending on order specifications and volume.
  • Best Experts in This Field - We have the 100% skilled urethane casting craftsman.
  • Solid Color and Transparency Available - Both high quality solid color and transparency are available without shrinkage and weld marks.
    Over-molded and even multi-color over-molded parts available.
  • Excellent Management Ability - RPWORLD store silicone molds of all clients for 3 months/25 times, clients can repeat orders
    within 3 months with no need to pay for prototype and silicone mold costs.
  • A variety of material choices to meet different functional requirements - We stock dozens of different polyurethane resins materials
    that are suitable for various part applications and industries. They are 100% imported from Japan and Europe.
  • High Quality Performance - Long-term stable product quality, which can meet demanding appearance requirements;
    good product precision to meet complex assembly requirements; surface quality is superior to that of injection molded products,
    also no common problems of injection molding, such as shrinkage, weld lines, gas lines, suitable for
    complex or even unreasonable structural requirements.